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Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Neem Oil - Amazing Oil that Stinks Like Sh*t!

Neem Oil is amazing.  It treats several of ailments and skin issues, from psoriasis to hair loss.  It's a cure-all like Tea Tree Oil.  But, again, I learned another thing from my last serum-making experiment.  Neem Oil STINKS! I used a very tiny amount in my failed Anti-Wrinkle serum.  I wish that I had known about the odor increasing with time.  I was excited about the amazing stories and somehow never came across an article about the smell.  So, not only did my big experiment clog my pores and give me a rash, it wreaks.  I considered making lip balm or combining it with more aloe and essential oils, I don't know if anything will make this stuff smell better.  I think I had better call it a loss and appreciate what I've learned.  I might give it one last try as an anti-septic / anti-fungal ointment for bug bites or athlete's foot.  But I don't want that crap near my face again.  http://www.discoverneem.com/neem-oil-smell.html

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