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Saturday, June 25, 2011

I'm Celebrating my New Home w/ $25 Facials!

Happy Summer Time!

It's been a while since I've posted, and a lot has happened.  I moved to a new apartment and love my new space!  I'm finally living alone and my kitchen is my very own little laboratory.  I've been working on new recipes for lotions, scrubs and masks, all formulated for summertime skin issues.  
In celebration of my new life and finally coming out from under my rock, I'm offering a special on services that you're not going to find anywhere else:

European Facials and Back Treatments at the new Bella Forte headquarters for $25 through the end of summer!
That's basically the cost of the products.  Also, major discounts on waxing services.  

Did you know that the ingredients in sunscreen will clog your pores more than regular moisturizers?  It is very difficult to completely remove with regular cleansing.  

It's extra important to exfoliate more during the summer.  If you are overexposed to the sun, you'll want to slough off that dry, dehydrated skin and pamper it with a nourishing mask loaded with antioxidants.  

If you're prone to summer breakouts, you'll want to clear up your skin with a detoxifying mask and high frequency for stubborn zits.  

My facials and back treatments are customized with nourishing, natural, healing products, a double cleanse, light therapy, aromatherapy and finished with a relaxing massage that will bring your skin back to life immediately.

Friends, I need your help to get back in the swing of things.  I've been out-of-service for a while and need to get my hands on your pretty faces!  Come over for a mimosa, we'll catch up, and you'll be glowing for the next party.  
And Pistol misses you, too.