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Friday, August 28, 2009

The Italians are Bella Forte, too - Bring it on!

My sister sent me this - I think it's pretty cool!

Looks like beauty runs in the family...and so does the joy of sharing beauty secrets with the less fortunate! haha

"Ciao!! - Welcome to the House of Bella Forte!

Born from the Italian Royal Family Tradition of True Craftsmanship, Quality and Deta
il. The Forte Family was the Fashion and Style Designers of their Day in Naples,Italy in the early 1800’s. They put their great Love of Fashion in everything they touched from Head to Toe on everyone in the land….Today that Legacy lives on and has been passed down to the generations that represent the Forte family’s impeccable Signature Designs. For the great History left in the hands of the Forte Woman Today, this new adventure into the Style and Creation of making Beautiful Hair Styling Tools, along with all the Fabulous Baubles that go with it…will turn You into the Modern Day Princess!"

only bad news...the "bella forte" name might already be taken :(
but i thought you still might enjoy this!

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Wednesday, August 26, 2009

I'm a Blog Virgin! Introducing Bella Forté!

Hi Friends,

If you know me well, you're probably surprised that it's taken me this long to have my own blog. I am a Gemini: a lover of communication, blabbing, expressing myself, etc. But I was really inspired to finally create a blog of my own because I want to document and share my newest and greatest adventure: I'M GOING TO BEAUTY SCHOOL and am starting a product line based on everything that I learn.

I'm going to use this blog space to share everything that I experience, worry about etc. I'm going to provide tips, DIY beauty recipes, product reviews, new ideas and random thoughts. I'm going to reach out for a lot of help and opinions about my product line.
I'll probably share a lot of photos of my dog, Pistol, for no good reason except that she's extremely cute and makes me happy.

I finally came up with my "brand" name: Bella Forté. I've been making bath and beauty products for several years now, and had a lot of name ideas, such as Bitchen Beautician (old logo above, stolen from my old cooking show, Bitchen' Kitchen); Spoiled Rotten; Pistol Whipped, to name a few.

Bella Forté translates to "Beautiful and Strong".  I like it because it represents how I want to be. The "Forté" part is easy, because, well, I can be a loud, stubborn hard-ass, and Forté is my last name. The "Bella" part takes some work.  It's not easy being beautiful!  My new career goal is to help to make beauty an easy accomplishment: on the inside and out.

Bella Forté is what I aim to be, and I want to help others feel strong and beautiful, too.  

Please join me on my new adventure!
(Your Bitchen Beautician)

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