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Friday, October 23, 2009

Bella Forte SPA KIT Survey!! I NEED YOUR HELP!

I have a daydreaming addiction.  I have a problem with wrangling my hypomanic brainstorms.  I have a thousand gradiose ideas, and loads of enthusiasm, but I often lose steam mid-project because I am overwhelmed by the big amazing tasks I've set up for myself. 

So, I need your help.  I've created a survey of my latest and greatest ideas for holiday gifts.  If you can spare a few minutes, PLEASE take my survey and help me narrow things down a bit, otherwise, I will lose my mind by Thanksgiving. 


Bella Forte SPA KIT Survey:
Click Here to take survey

Thank you!

Saturday, October 3, 2009

I Start Esthetician School on Wednesday!

After about two years of pondering, researching, reconsidering, interviewing, visiting, and worrying, I finally sealed the deal yesterday.  With the generous trust and financial support of my boyfriend, I handed over a check for $8,238.75 to Zenzi's Cosmetology Training Center for Hair, Skin and Nails.

I finally decided on this school for a few reasons:  It's the least expensive of the "good" schools; the schedule is more flexible and fits with my still-full-time day job; it's in a nice neighborhood (Hayes Valley in SF) where I hope to meet a good range of clients; Zenzi seems to be a super-kind, motherly type who has been very encouraging (well, yeah, it's still a business);  I know a couple of people who are either currently attending, or who have graduated from Zenzi's, and they seem satisfied with their education.  Not jumping up and down full of praise, but I haven't encountered that type of alumni reaction for any of the schools.

My worries: The schedule might make me crazy, as I'll be on-the-clock for 55 hours a week;  I will surely be older than every other student;  I am sometimes fiercely independent and the mothering-type might drive me nuts at times;  I don't do Saturday mornings;  my hands shake when I try to put eyeliner on other people;  I am going to have to wax bikini lines;  I have back problems;  I'm often very tired after work;  after I get my license...then what?  Jobs don't seem to be very lucrative or abundant right now.  Am I strong enough to overcome these things?

But I am passionate about learning more about skin care.  I have twenty-five years of work experience.  I am motivated.  I miss helping people.  I'm really excited about making good products;  I'm forty years old and ready to change direction in my life.  

One or two years down the line, I see myself as an entrepreneur.  I want to own my own business (Bella Forte), whether it's a partnership or completely on my own.  A day spa, a skin care line, a boutique...

Right now, I really love the idea of a neighborhood boutique that offers workshops and treatments, with a storefront selling products.  Business ownership is a ridiculous amount of work.  But if I am loving it, will I finally be content with my life?  Will I regret not learning to edit video like a pro or pushing myself to upper management in the media field?  Will I wish that I chased the dollar signs with more vigor?

I have absolutely no idea.  But I'll never know if I don't try.  So here goes...
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