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Wednesday, August 26, 2009

I'm a Blog Virgin! Introducing Bella Forté!

Hi Friends,

If you know me well, you're probably surprised that it's taken me this long to have my own blog. I am a Gemini: a lover of communication, blabbing, expressing myself, etc. But I was really inspired to finally create a blog of my own because I want to document and share my newest and greatest adventure: I'M GOING TO BEAUTY SCHOOL and am starting a product line based on everything that I learn.

I'm going to use this blog space to share everything that I experience, worry about etc. I'm going to provide tips, DIY beauty recipes, product reviews, new ideas and random thoughts. I'm going to reach out for a lot of help and opinions about my product line.
I'll probably share a lot of photos of my dog, Pistol, for no good reason except that she's extremely cute and makes me happy.

I finally came up with my "brand" name: Bella Forté. I've been making bath and beauty products for several years now, and had a lot of name ideas, such as Bitchen Beautician (old logo above, stolen from my old cooking show, Bitchen' Kitchen); Spoiled Rotten; Pistol Whipped, to name a few.

Bella Forté translates to "Beautiful and Strong".  I like it because it represents how I want to be. The "Forté" part is easy, because, well, I can be a loud, stubborn hard-ass, and Forté is my last name. The "Bella" part takes some work.  It's not easy being beautiful!  My new career goal is to help to make beauty an easy accomplishment: on the inside and out.

Bella Forté is what I aim to be, and I want to help others feel strong and beautiful, too.  

Please join me on my new adventure!
(Your Bitchen Beautician)

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  1. yeah! finally! you totally ROCK. i can't wait for your posts cause you always make me laugh and anyway, what took you so long to join the club of bodywork/ beautification/ relaxationists? i'm psyched!!!

  2. I will vouch for that wonderful face mask you made on the stove. It beautified amazingly and naturally! Can't wait to try more. Good luck! - xoxo Samantha

  3. Don't forget: You guys gotta join my blog to get the latest posts!

  4. and thank you for the encouragement. I love you, Samantha and Dean!

  5. Good luck Nate, I am willing to be your victim. Think of it as a project...you have a lot of work in front of you! I am so proud of you.