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Thursday, September 10, 2009

Follow Your Nose: Perfume and an Addiction to Lemon

I took a great class at The Nova Studio in Point Richmond a few weeks ago called "Making Natural Perfumes" and I learned a lot about natural scents, how they make us feel, how long the top, middle and bottom notes last, etc.  I had a headache from so much sniffing, but it was well worth it.
I realized later, after wearing all of my perfumes, that I used way too much lemon in all of them.  And those light, citrus-y notes fade the fastest.  Like, they hit you once and make you feel good, but the scent is gone in 20 minutes or less.  The middle and bottom notes last longer, but are usually more woodsy or floral, like rose and cedarwood.  I learned that, although I really like citrus, my perfumes smell like Pledge furniture polish. 
Anyway, that's what learning is all about.  It's important to not get in to a "smell rut":  stuck on one scent or scent family.  There are so many different beautiful, natural creations out there, and they smell a lot different once they've mixed with our own unique body chemistry.  You can totally make perfume at home using items from the drug store.  I'll publish another post after I've experimented a little more, and hopefully won't end up smelling like I've been polishing floors.
Here's a cool diagram of different notes:

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