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Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Changes are Coming...

A lot has been going on. I've thrown myself in to a whirlwind of brainstorming, contemplating, confusion, making major life decisions, and finally coming to some major conclusions.
Two huge decisions have been made in the past few weeks:

• I will be leaving my full-time job at PRN in the next few weeks. This will give me the very necessary opportunity to focus on finishing my hours at Zenzi's, acquiring a great apprenticeship for my last 150 hours, and finally studying for (and passing) the State Board Exam. I can't believe that, after six years in a cubicle hammering away at the computer for The Man, I'm finally taking the leap and starting a new career that will hopefully lead to happy self-employment.

• I decided on a logo for my products and services. Obviously, you know which one I chose, as it's all over my blog now.

It's all really exciting, and, I have to admit, pretty intimidating.

I'm also in the midst of packaging and marketing my latest and favorite body polish: Sugar Tits. It smells like a Snickerdoodle and leaves your skin super soft and sweet-smelling. I'm going to partner that with a goat's milk soap and maybe a body lotion. Haven't decided on the lotion yet, as it's a costly endeavor when using all natural products and very little chemical preservatives.
I'm going to a three day Skin Care Conference in Vegas the weekend of April 24th. I can't wait to get away for a few days and totally immerse myself in the skin care world.  There will be TONS of classes, vendors, sunshine and sleeping.  I'm going alone, so I won't get in to too much trouble.  I hope.
I have a million rules, regulations, terms, body parts, etc. to learn. Lots of frustrating forms to complete, fees to pay, financial decisions to make...and not much money.
Time to get really, really creative!
Will update soon with a low-down on what I learned in Vegas, and my recipe for Sugar Tits! 



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