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Thursday, September 1, 2011

New Toys, New Peels, Better Facials!!

Hi friends!
I went to the Face and Body Expo in San Jose this weekend and bought a bunch of new serums and masks from one of my favorite skin care lines, Skin Script.  I'm excited about their new Pomegranate Enzyme peel, a mild but effective enzyme peel that has lots of antioxidants, hydrates and brightens all skin types.  

I bought a new gadget called the bt-Micro.  

The bt-Micro tool uses ultrasonic sound waves to "shimmy" off dead skin cells, plus microcurrent (safe, low level positive electrical impulses) to stimulate collagen and elastin, retrain the facial muscles, and when combined with serums, creams and masks, increase product penetration.  It has another desincrustation function that uses negative electrical impulses, which open pores and release sebum for easier extractions and deep pore cleansing.  

It's so rad.

Finally, I got these crazy magnifying glasses that make me look like a mad scientist in a cave. But they replace the use of a mag light, which I always felt is cumbersome and expensive for what it does.   These things work pretty well, if you don't get scared.

The show was a fun and educational, but a little overwhelming with all of the products and machines being pushed.  I attended a few lectures about ingredients and new therapies, and even had a telangiectasias spot (small, dilated blood vessels) removed on my jawline by a machine called a Lamprobe.  The spot was immediately 50% lighter, but I can't tell if it's completely disappeared yet because now the blood is coagulated and scabbed (as expected), so when that falls off, I will let you know if it works.  The machine is used to remove blood vessels around the nose, red spots and small moles.  Unfortunately, it costs around $6,000, so I won't be buying one any time soon, but I will share what I know about it if you are looking in to getting a treatment.  It's usually $150 per treatment at a high end spa or medi-spa, and can take a few visits to completely remove the spot.

Well, I came home broke so please come in for a treatment so that I can make some money back!  I'm still offering facials for only $25 and that includes LED light therapy, light facial waxing, and with the bt-Micro to deep clean your pores, and make the most of the serums to plump your skin.  

I need the practice and it's the end of summer, so you might need a facial.  It's a win-win!


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