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Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Check Out My Products at Eli's Rock & Shop this Saturday!

I'm in a frenzy making holiday gifts and products!  I'll be selling my stuff at the Rock & Shop at Eli's Mile High Club this Saturday:  Fizzy bath bombs, body scrubs, lip balms, lotions, Check out my stuff so far:

DeToX Bath Bombs - Big fizzy skulls that smell like lemongrass, basil and clary sage
Sugar Tits Sugar Scrub and DeTox Sea-Salt Scrub

Sugar Lips and Cool Mint Lip Balms

Sugar Tits Sugar Scrub and DeTox Lotions
Super hydrading, but light and non-greasy, made with aloe vera oil, shea butter, jojoba and lots of other good stuff for your skin!

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